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New dress collection
December 13, 2013

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Dress Collection

Four different looks, all current, all styles and all of them
To absolutely die for if looking drop dead gorgeous is your kind of thing.
Ruffles are in, especially if it is at the bottom of the dress with some boots
That scream “I am young and the epitome of hot”. Next up is a short
Above the knee dress that can actually be business casual, which comes accented
With a mid drift big buckled patent leather belt. The third selection in the
The collection is a colorful patterned dress, also above the knee that gives you
Visions of springtime with a nice light jacket to really bring out the outfit.
Last but not least is a piece that demands respect either on the runway or at
Work. Really you could wear it anywhere and look cooler than the other side of
The pillow during the summer, but in tone and below the knee. All four are a
Win, win, because you can’t lose when you combine sexy and casual for a
Tasteful appearance.

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