Wireless Doorbell

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The wireless doorbell adopt advance wireless receiving and dispatching technology, powerful microcomputer control system, high capacity and superior voice processing technology, up to 32 songs with reliable and stable performance. Doorbell and transmitter connect via wireless learning code, with the function of doorbell, burglar alarm and welcome alarm which suitable for various real estates like: villa, club, leisure center, store, hotel, home, office and meeting room etc.

Waterproof touch doorbell button


The F52 doorbell button waterproof level is up to IP66, you can put it on the outdoor wall. And low power consumption, it can be used about one year if you press it average 10 times a day.


Easy to install


Just plug the receiver into the power socket and attach the transmitter to the door,

you don’t even need to make holes or damage anything.

32 songs optional
32 ringtones available, you can select it manually, and never feel bored. Avoid the same ring that your neighbors have.

Strong signal, long distance Transmission


A long operating range can be up to 500ft(150m) in open space,

great for the large house including villas, apartment, offices, shops, warehouses, etc.

Compatible with alarm sensors & detectors 

One transmitter can pair with several(max 30) receivers,

and one receiver can pair with several(max 30) transmitters.

Customize your doorbell according to your need.

Self-power generation
Ordinary doorbell average change battery once a month, this doorbell can generate power, press button and Kinetic energy will turn into electrical energy.
You can save a lot of money and batteries every year, and protect the environment too.
More Details:
  • Wireless Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Wireless Distance: 150 meters (Open area)
  • Frequency: 433Mhz
  • Battery:27A 12V